Outr Quality Standards

Adventure community where quality, safety and responsibility matters.

Outr is an adventure platform where things really matter. In order for us to create an unique and trusted community, we require our operators and 3rd party partners to follow certain rules.

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Our clients may be well experienced adventure enthusiasts but also complete newbies. Safety is therefore an absolute priority for all your experiences that you decide to advertise on our platform. We expect your company, employees and associates to follow safe procedures, standards and keep on researching new trends in this matter.


We will only allow well established and respected operators to sign-up on our page and offer World class adventures. Verification is therefore a major part of our on-boarding process. We will absolutely ask and verify your business ID, insurance policies, email address, phone number, physical address etc.


Adventures and experiences come in many different flavors and difficulties. Snorkeling around the Great Coral Reef in Australia may not require any advanced training and insurance. Performing a tandem HALO jump from 30.000 feet is a different cup of coffee and absolutely requires the instructor to be 100% certified and an insurance available for all parties involved.


Trust and communication is a major building block for creating an adventure community. We expect you to interact with adventure clients in friendly environment and with responsibility in mind. After all, we are all adventure enthusiasts that enjoy outdoor and nature like you.

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