Privacy Policy

We at Outr spend a lot of time in the outdoors chasing and exploring new adventures. Our site, however, stays online 24/7 as our goal is to serve our community anytime and anywhere (we call it the Outr religion). In order to keep our online presence safe and to protect you as well, we have to collect some but very limited data when you use our platform and 3rd party services. With that in mind, we take privacy policy extremely seriously. The following details describe what electronic bits we collect, use, share and how we handle it securely.

Our Privacy Policy is up to date as of 16th April 2018.

1. Information you share with us

When you create a new account on our platform, the following information is submitted to us in order to process your request:

1.1 Account details – Your name, email address, physical location.

1.2 Profile information

1.3 Any other information

2. Information we automatically collect


2.1 Transaction information

2.2 Cookies (not the chocolate ones) – These are tiny bits of information stored on your computer when you access a website by your favorite web browser. They contain session information about

2.3 Reviews

3. How we use the information

Our core ideas started about sharing and helping the outdoor community. We believe in fair, moral and ethical practices and we will never sell any information that you provide to us.

3.1 Information

3.2 Information

4. Security

Security is an important factor for our platform and services we offer. Outr website and it’s content is hosted within a data center in the United States. We implement the following list of security features to limit data breach.

4.1 SSL certificates for all client related communication. Your traffic is is encrypted as it travels from your fancy browser to our webserver.

4.2 Our credit card processing gateway is fully protected by Stripe’s PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliant infrastructure. We do not store your credit card information on our servers. Period.

4.3 Two factor authentication (2FA) whenever possible. Password can be cracked so another security layer is always

4.4 DDOS (Distributed Denial of Service) prevention. We do our best to keep Outr available if you are browsing our wsbite in the jungle of Costa Rica or sipping coffee in fancy coffee place in downtown Zurich.

4.5 Firewall

4.6 Backup

5. Contact

We would love to hear from you if you have any question about our Privacy Policy or if you just want to send us a nice postcard. You can reach us at Outr GmbH, Unterer Batterieweg 73, 4059 Basel, Switzerland or by email at