Terms of Service

We at Outr love adventures as much as you do but we still have to play by the book. Please read carefully our Terms of Service (“Terms”) as they include information about all legal requirements, agreements and conditions. By accessing and using the Outr platform, you fully agree with conditions of our Terms of Service.

Our Terms of Service is up to date as of 16th April 2018.

1. Scope of Outr services

The Outr platform is an online marketplace for registered adventure seekers (“Users“) to search, find and book outdoor and adventure services (“Experiences“) published by 3rd party operators and agencies (“Providers“) and to allow direct or in-direct communication between Users and Providers.

1.1 We as a provider of Outr platform do not provide, offer, service, create, sell, re-sell or manage any Experiences. Providers are responsible to offer, manage and deliver Experiences on their own. When Users find and book an Experience that Providers advertise, both parties enter a binding contract together.



2. Eligibility

Eligibility details to be defined.

3. Content

Content details to be defined.

4. Account registration

Account registration details to be defined.

5. Outr fees

Outr feed details to be defined

6. Liability

Liability details to be defined.

7. Payment terms

Learn about what Outr’s payment terms are and what’s included in the price of a booking and how you can pay for it. Find out what happens if a booking is canceled, and if your booking is refundable at all.

8. Provider guarantee

Find out about how Outr guarantees our providers and what’s included when you register as a one.

9. Guest refund

Learn more about if your booking is eligible for a refund from Outr.

10. Cancellations

Find out what happens if you need to make a cancellation. Find out how that affects adventurers and providers, and whether you can get a refund.

11. Contact

We would love to hear from you if you have any question about our Terms of Service or if you just want to send us a nice postcard. You can reach us at Outr GmbH, Unterer Batterieweg 73, 4059 Basel, Switzerland or by email at terms@outr.co.